Why are we charlie's last stand?

Charlie’s Last Stand is named after a colourful character in Armidale’s history; Charlie Pavlou. Charlie, with his wife, Valentini, ran the Olympic Milk Bar opposite the Capitol Theatre (the old cinema where Bing Lee is).

Charlie was a well-known local identity, whose defiance became Armidale folklore when he refused to sell to Woolworths. They were opening their first store (where Dan Murphy’s is today), and wanted to demolish the entire half block. Charlie refused to budge.

Despite the ongoing battle, Charlie held firm. He was determined to stay, and the saga became known as ‘Charlie’s last stand’. In late 1967 demolition of the surrounding buildings began. They fell quickly one weekend in December, and only the Olympic Milk Bar remained.

If Charlie didn’t hold out against the council and developers, our bar wouldn’t exist today. His resolve and resilience mean these walls are here. Whatever your beverage of choice, take a moment to raise your glass to Charlie.

Charlie's in 1972